Erin Moriarty Wolf Chambers



About Me

I am a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Saint Louis University, where I also currently serve as department chair, with a secondary appointment in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. My research is supported in part by funding from the National Science Foundation. I currently serve as editor for the Journal of Computational Geometry and the Journal of Applied and Computational Topology. I also serve on the SafeToC organizing committee and as an advocate, as well as on the board of trustees for the Society for Computational Geometry.

I teach computer science with the occasional math class, and research problems in computational topology and geometry, as well as combinatorics and combinatorial algorithms. I am also active in research projects to support and improve the culture and climate in computer science and mathematics, as well as to try to improve broader STEM educational experiences at all levels. Please check my list of publications for more details, or see my orcid profile or my google scholar profile.

I'm married to Jeff Chambers; we have three children, Grace, Edwin, and Jesse. We also have two cats named Hercules Mulligan and Natasha Romanoff, and a guinea pig named Beans. In my (increasingly scarce) spare time, I like to read, build legos, go to concerts, watch various TV shows (mostly sci-fi and fantasy), and drink tea.

You can reach me at: erin - dot - chambers - at -